Have to write an email, memo or contract?

Just use a template right?

Still so much work.

You have a template, but in this case so much is different.

What if there was a smart solution?.

You know CHATGPT, but difficult to explain how you want it...We solved it for you!

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remko.online Your new assistant

Remko.online is an application built based on GPT3.5-turbo (ChatGPT), namely the artificial intelligence chatbot from OpenAI that launched in November 2022 and became booming and trending to this day.

Simple steps to get the desired result.
Choose document type, add filename of the result, and select language, than hit continue button.
Following the selected document type, a filling form will be displayed. There are examples and warnings that can be read and followed for the best results.
A summary of the settings is displayed, if you feel it is appropriate, click the "I am Happy Draft It" button.
You may be asked to log in using your Gmail account before the results come out, do it and then just wait for the results to come out.
Not ready to draft documents? Try remko.online for whatsapp, its a great start!
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We are here to help you with the practicality of the smart way

It's not the time for us to be preoccupied with monotonous routines that we should be able to cut time for other productive things. Keeping up with technological advances has become mandatory in competition. When you turn even slightly away from it, you will be left behind and may affect your success.

Remko cares about this and is ready to become a bridge and a solution to your problems in using it for your business.

  • Offer free to try AI-Driven Language Solutions.
  • Open online and offline consultations related to AI-Driven Language Solutions
  • Provides AI-Driven Language Solutions application development services for private/personal.
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Remko Weingarten
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